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Paul Connon FFA, FFTA: VAT Returns In Blyth And Beyond

If you run a small limited company or are a sole trader, you can greatly benefit from professional VAT returns offered by Paul Connon FFA, FFTA. Our VAT accountants bring 40 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of VAT accounting and can ensure you fulfil your VAT obligations responsibly. We support you every step of the way, from VAT registration and accurate reporting to making timely VAT payments for every quarter in compliance with HMRC. 


Additionally, we offer advice on selecting the most suitable VAT scheme for your business needs. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax applied to goods and services purchased by businesses and consumers. If your business exceeds the turnover threshold of £90,000, you're required to register for VAT and charge VAT on your sales. This VAT is then paid to HMRC when you submit your quarterly return. Never miss a VAT deadline with Paul Connon FFA, FFTA – contact us in Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington, Cramlington, and Killingworth to schedule a free 1-hour consultation.

Managing VAT Payments And Submitting VAT Returns

Your VAT payment date can be checked through the Government Gateway or your VAT online account. These platforms provide details on when your VAT returns are due and when payments must be cleared in HMRC's account. Payment dates are typically one calendar month and seven days after the end of the accounting period.


VAT returns summarise the VAT collected on sales and VAT incurred on expenditures during a specific period. If your collected VAT exceeds the incurred VAT, you pay the difference to HMRC, while any excess incurred VAT results in a refund from HMRC.

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Preparing For Making Tax Digital (MTD) For VAT

The MTD legislation mandates VAT-registered businesses to maintain digital records and submit VAT returns digitally. Our services utilise accounting software authorised by HMRC to ensure compliance with MTD requirements. Our end-to-end VAT return services support you in every way by providing digital VAT filing assistance and expert advice whenever needed.

Where Are We

Our office is based in Blyth, however, we can help businesses across the South East of Northumberland, including:

  • Killingworth

  • Cramlington

  • Ashington

  • Bedlington

Talk To Our VAT Accountants For Expert Advice And VAT Returns In Blyth. Call 01670 432139 Today.

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