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Corporation Tax And Capital Gains Tax Advice In Blyth

Are you looking for reliable capital gains tax advice to help you make confident business investments or account for your corporation tax liability? Trust our highly qualified accountants at Paul Connon FFA, FFTA, to calculate your CT or CGT liabilities, help you plan for your business tax payments or changes, effectively manage tax exposure, and ensure compliance. We pride ourselves on being one of the trusted accountancy firms with over 40 years of experience serving individuals, sole traders, partnerships, and small limited companies in Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington, Cramlington, and Killingworth.


Our CT and CGT accountants and advisors can offer support across different industries, such as leisure businesses, import/export firms, IT companies and consultancies, buy-to-let landlords, small contractors, and many more. Connect with our team to schedule a consultation today for taxation for completing tax return.

Pay Correct Corporation Tax

At Paul Connon FFA, FFTA, we are here to help you accurately calculate tax returns and submit them on time while also identifying opportunities for tax credits and reliefs to minimise liabilities. Corporation Tax is a financial obligation imposed on all corporate bodies, including limited companies engaged in various activities like property development or trading, based on their annual profits. 


Understanding your tax obligations is crucial to maintaining financial health and compliance. By working with our tax advisors, you gain clarity and confidence in navigating the complexities of corporation tax, ensuring your business remains on solid financial footing. 

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Capital Gains Tax

Capital gain is the profit generated from the sale or disposal of assets, such as buildings, machinery, shares, and even intellectual property. A capital gain signifies the growth in value of a capital asset, which becomes actualised upon the asset's sale. Therefore, the tax is calculated based on the difference between the sale and purchase prices, which also requires considering inheritance tax. Not only businesses, sole traders and self-employed individuals are also needed to work out their CGT liabilities.

Hire Paul Connon FFA, FFTA For CGT Filing

As the laws around CGT can be complex, our expert accountants offer tailored advice to navigate their complexities. Our CGT services encompass precise calculations, strategic tax planning to minimise liabilities, and ensuring compliance with filing requirements. Moreover, we provide comprehensive advice and relief services to optimise CGT efficiency, identifying opportunities for wealth transfer, business structuring, trust usage, and more. For companies, capital gains are typically included in Corporation Tax (CT) profits, with adjustments made for CGT rates.

Where Are We

Our office is based in Blyth, however, we can help businesses across the South East of Northumberland, including:

  • Killingworth

  • Cramlington

  • Ashington

  • Bedlington

Trust Paul Connon FFA, FFTA To Streamline Your Capital Gains Tax. Call 01670 432139 Now.

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