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Comprehensive Payroll Services For Businesses In Blyth

Are you interested in having professional accountants take care of your payroll operations? At Paul Connon FFA, FFTA, we have 40 years of experience in helping employers and small businesses save time and money with our comprehensive payroll services available in Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington, Cramlington, and Killingworth. 


The workplace payroll functions require UK employers to navigate the complexities of PAYE as well as the latest regulatory requirements for pension enrolment, tax deductions, statutory payments, and Equal Pay Act compliance. With our expert payroll accountants, you can rest assured that your non-core business activity is being managed with greater accuracy and maximum compliance. We provide complete payroll support, processing, management accounts and administration services, ensuring your employees are compensated fairly and on time. Contact us to discuss your payroll management and business development requirements and get business advice.

What Can We Do For You?

Every business is unique, so we customise our payroll services to fit your requirements.

  • We can set up and manage open PAYE schemes.

  • Our experts check, calculate, and process your weekly and monthly payrolls.

  • We help you comply with Real Time Information (RTI) regulations under our vigilant supervision.

  • You will never miss a deadline with our diligent management of key payment dates and filing requirements.

  • We handle Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payments and provide detailed subcontractor statements when necessary.

  • We ensure compliance with auto-enrolment obligations through our payroll administration services.

  • We deliver e-payslips and e-P60s to your employees electronically, ensuring convenience and security.

  • We manage declarations for employee benefits to HMRC, covering items such as company cars and health insurance.

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PAYE Registration Services

PAYE, or Pay As You Earn, is how employers deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs) from their employees' wages as they are earned. Every employer is required to register with HMRC and establish a PAYE scheme. 


During each payroll cycle, you compute the tax and NICs owed based on your employees' earnings for that period. This amount is subtracted from their gross pay, and the remaining net amount is paid to the employee. Subsequently, you report your payroll details to HMRC through your payroll software or via HMRC's online PAYE for Employers platform before payday. This process ensures accurate payment of tax and NICs throughout the year. At Paul Connon FFA, FFTA, we also manage PAYE as part of your payroll activities.

Where Are We

Our office is based in Blyth, however, we can help businesses across the South East of Northumberland, including:

  • Killingworth

  • Cramlington

  • Ashington

  • Bedlington

Need Customised Payroll Services To Suit Your Circumstances? Please Call 01670 432139 To Book An Appointment.

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