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Expert Bookkeeping Services In Blyth

Streamline your business operations with Paul Connon FFA, FFTA’s comprehensive bookkeeping services in Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington, Cramlington, and Killingworth. We understand the importance of accurate financial records in assessing your business's performance and meeting tax obligations. Our expert team manages your existing records and recommends improvements towards achieving long-term efficiency in your bookkeeping functions.


Our bookkeeping solutions help maintain precise and reliable company accounts, helping business start-ups and small companies make confident strategic decisions based on accurate data. For medium businesses, our bookkeeping services work collaboratively with your team, offering advice and support needed for budgeting, account preparations, and efficient management of financial operations. Contact us today.

Dependable Accounts Management 

With Paul Connon FFA, FFTA, the burden of managing bills, statements, and accounts preparation becomes much more streamlined and time-efficient than ever. We establish a secure and transparent system that allows us to access papers as and when needed without involving you in this time-consuming process. This enables us to extend management information, such as providing you with comprehensive reports and the guidance necessary for the operational efficiency of your organisation.

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VAT Compliance

Streamlining your VAT obligations is paramount, especially with the complexities introduced by Making Tax Digital since April 2019. We ensure accurate preparation and submitting your returns. Whether we're utilising the business records you maintain or managing a comprehensive bookkeeping service, we ensure accuracy and compliance. Timely submission is our priority to steer clear of penalties.


Moreover, our assistance extends to various VAT-related matters, including VAT registration, addressing disputes with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), recommending suitable VAT schemes tailored to your business, attending VAT inspections, strategic VAT planning, and representing you at VAT tribunals. We're committed to simplifying VAT compliance while safeguarding your financial interests.

Where Are We

Our office is based in Blyth, however, we can help businesses across the South East of Northumberland, including:

  • Killingworth

  • Cramlington

  • Ashington

  • Bedlington

Take Advantage Of Our 40 Years Of Expertise In Offering Bookkeeping Services. Call 01670 432139 To Discuss Your Requirements.

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